Best Email Signature

Best Email Signatures Works with Webmail – Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail

One of the most personal touches you can add to your email message is your email signature. Email signatures can be used to convey a wide array of elements, such as your rank, position or status. No matter how you use your email signature, whether it is in a business email or simply a quick chat with a friend, your signature is what provides your message with that little something extra. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to create email signatures. makes it easy and simple as well as free to develop your custom email signature in just a matter of moments.

All you have to do is to sign up for your free account and you can begin immediately creating email stationery that is customized to your preferences. The site even offers a live preview so you can see what you are creating step by step. You can also add any features you would like so you can view how your email signature will appear immediately. After you are satisfied with your email stationery and signature all you have to do is to save it and then download it to your computer to be installed. It’s that simple! This allows you to automatically insert your customized signature into all of your Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail emails. Sigwich makes it easy for you to obtain a completely customized Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail signature. It also works with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Whether you are sending a business email or a personal email, Sigwich gives you the ability to place your personality front and center. In a world where everyone is bombarded with email, Sigwich makes it possible for your Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail signature to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, you can use your customized email stationery to promote and drive traffic to your website or any other page you would like, such as your Twitter, Facebook or YouTube page. Include all of your pertinent information within your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail signature, including logos, photos and other important data.

You can even include live links in your signature to your Facebook page. If you have a Twitter account, you can also link that account to your signature, making it possible to direct your friends to your page so they can easily follow you. Have a YouTube video you want to promote? It couldn’t be easier or faster when you include a YouTube icon right within your signature.

The use of email branding through email signatures offers you the ability to tap into the future of technology. There is simply no need to send plain boring emails when you can take advantage of customized emails and signatures for free. Sigwich offers three different layouts for your signature so that you can configure in multiple different ways. With Sigwich you can take full control of your signature and decide whether you want to use all of the available options and fields or only a few. It is entirely up to you. Take control of your email signatures with Sigwich!